Here are few reasons to consider us for your project!


  1. We have been in the business for over 19 years. Experience allows us to give you excellent product at exceptional price.
  2. This is a family owned business. Between my brother and I, there is one of us is always present on jobsite working with the crew.
  3. We take on one job at a time. We stay on the job until the project is completed.
  4. We own most of the equipments those are needed to complete the job. There for we are not rushing through the job and money we save from equipment rental, savings are passed on to our customers.
  5. We are the recipients of “Super Service Award” from (on this website companies are rated by customers based on their experience with the company).
  6. We have been featured on “Extreme Makeover” TV show.
  7. We are the recipients of “Silver Medal” at Seattle Flower and Garden Show of 2004.
  8. We are One of the few contractors who made it into Mutual material´s preferred contractor´s list.
  9. >We have Tons of satisfied customers in Greater Seattle Area.
  10. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. During the construction and before we leave the job we make sure that product & project is to customer´s expectations.
  11. We are easy to work with. Most of our customers say “pleasure to work with”.
  12. At A & J Retaining Walls “Quality is our Foundation, Service our Tradition”.
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